Friday, June 22, 2007

The Twelve Moons of the Year. May (03) and June (01)

Significant sentences from The Twelve Moons of the Year by Hal Borland, a chronology of the New England seasons. May 03; June 01.

"Wild strawberries, when you can still find them, are prime examples of how much flavor can be stowed int a small package." p. 146.

If there were wild strawberries in Eden, and there must have been, Adam was a fool as well as a sinner to taste any other fruit." p. 146.

"...the insect buzz-and-hum makes the air vibrant." p. 146.

June 01

"The world is new and young in the June dawn, fresh and sweet and almost innocent." p. 150.

"The mists of night still lie in the valleys like the very mists of creation." p. 150.

"This is another day, another blank page in the endless book of time, another chance." p. 150.

"...air fragrant with the smell of cut grass...." p. 153.

"June invites tranquility..." p. 153.

"June is the long, sweet days we bought and paid for with long, cold nights and short, bitter days at the dark turn of the year." p. 153.

"...age old perfume of new hay curing in the sun...." p. 154.

"June is dew and buttercups, high noon and clover, lingering dusk and fence-row daisies." p. 155.

"...a June day begins with a sense of peace and leisure." p. 156.

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