Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Star Thrower. Loren Eiseley. Significant Sentences 09

Significant sentences from Loren Eiseley's The Star Thrower, a collection of Eiseley's essays on nature and humanity's relationship to it.

Title of Essay: "The Last Neanderthal"

"The receptive mind makes all the difference...." p. 129.

"The place was one where only a student of desolation would find cause to linger." p. 139.

"The creatures had a tangential way of darting off to the side like inconsequential thoughts that never paused long enough to be fully apprehended." p. 141.

"Say to the mind, 'Hold him, do not forget.' " p. 142.

"...the sheer organizing power of animal and plant metabolism is...most remarkable, but, as in the case of most everyday marvels, we take it for granted." p. 142.

"Without knowledge of the past, the way into the thickets of the future is desperate and unclear." p. 150.

Reflections by RayS: In discovering the marvels of everyday experience, "the receptive mind makes all the difference."

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