Saturday, May 5, 2007

Kennedy. Theodore C. Sorenson. Significant Sentences.

Significant Sentences: Kennedy.
Theodore C. Sorenson, Special Counsel to the Late President
New York: Bantam Books, 1966.

Sorenson: "Few American Presidents possessed his sense of history--or his talent as a writer." p. 4.

Sorenson: "He was determined to elucidate, educate and explain." p. 5.

JFK: "An impassioned participant cannot be an objective observer." p. 6.

Sorenson: "Recollections differ, opinions differ, even the same facts appear different to different people." p. 8.

Sorenson: "John Kennedy's role will be recalled in wholly different fashion, I am certain, by those in different relationships with him." p. 8.

Sorensons: "...his [JFK's] insistence on cutting through the prevailing bias and myths to the heart of a problem." p. 13.

"As John Buchan wrote of a friend in John Kennedy's favorite book, Pilgrim's Way, 'He disliked [shows of] emotion, not because he felt lightly but because he felt deeply.' " p. 14.

"An interest in ideas and in their practical uses...came naturally to him." Arthur Holcombe, Professor of Government. p. 15.

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